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"Woman to Woman" by Maria Manuela of UNUM Magazine

Beautiful story by Maria Manuela on my art practice with adobe & mud plastering published by Santa Fe based UNUM Magazine!

“We practice traditions to reconnect with our natural identities. When an older woman teaches a younger woman to master a traditional craft, the younger woman gains a piece of the past, and brings it with her to the present. As we walk the same paths and repeat the same gestures as our ancestors, we travel through time.  

Joanna Keane Lopez is an enjarradora — a traditional woman plasterer — painter and installation artist who learned to work with adobe the directly-passed-down-way; from older women who welcomed her into apprenticeships.

“Growing up in New Mexico, I have always been around adobe; it’s something that’s close to my heart,” Joanna says. “It is our own environment being built up from the ground, and sheltering us. It’s really palpable — it’s something you can feel, and you can smell.””