Nizhonniya Austin  is a multi-media artist and musician based out of Albuquerque, NM. Her sounds embody a subtle and ethereal expression of love, loss, and feeling. In her writing, she often explores the sentiment of the human heart and the glory of renascence. Nizhonniya also comes from a lineage of Diné healers and medicine men and carries on their relationship with song. Although her music is contemporary, she believes that the power of healing through music remains the same in all languages, cultures, and artistic mediums.
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 Kateri López’s songs echo the silence and timidity of the desert.
  Glitter Vomit  is music about miscommunication and the tools that make it happen. It is music that you might hear in a basement after the apocalypse, picture a candle light ritual mourning the loss of communication in the digital age, cell phones, radio, and recordings of old friends. Glitter Vomit sounds like static, it sounds like long slow thoughts, vulnerable sparse and layered guitar and vocals in an echo chamber. Glitter Vomit is currently a solo project of Jazmyn Crosby with occasional collaborators.
  Rae Red  (Rae Anna Hample) is a multi-media artist, based out of Marfa, TX. She combines personal narrative, with environmental justice, shadow puppetry, animation, and live singing to create jubilant performances. Her work is playfully macabre, and often explores what it means to transform.  
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Factory on 5th Art Space // Kosmos, ABQ, NM
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